The 8 D'S (The 8 Disciplines)

The 8 D'S (The 8 Disciplines)


8 hours.


  • Understand 8D's Problem Solving Methodology.
  • Identify problems or deviations that exist in the Company.
  • Apply the methodology for the structured solution of problems.

Addressed to

Leaders, Supervisors, Technicians, Inspectors and Auditors of Quality, Manufacturing and Production of the Organization.


  •  Origins of the 8D's Methodology.
  • Goals
  • Scope
  • Introduction
  • Why use the 8 D's technique?
  • D0: Prepare the process.
  • D1: Organize the equipment.
  • D2: Describe (define) the problem.
  • D3: Implement and verify the containment action.
  • D4: Define and verify root cause (s).
  • D5: Review / Verify corrective actions.
  • D6: Implement permanent corrective actions.
  • D7: Prevent recurrence.
  • D8: Congratulate the team / Give Acknowledgment.
  • Conclusions
  • Exam


  • Our courses and instructors are registered with the STPS.
  • We deliver Evidence of Labor Skills (DC-3).