MSA (Measurement System Analysis)

MSA (Measurement System Analysis)


16 hours.


  • Standardize the concepts and techniques of variation in the MSA.
  • Implement, Evaluate, Manage and Document the MSA.
  • Train personnel involved in the MSA (Laboratory and / or Quality).

Addressed to

Leaders, Supervisors and Technicians of the areas: Metrology, Maintenance Quality, Manufacturing and Production of the Organization.


  • Terminology.
  • Introduction to Systems Analysis
  • Discrimination Analysis
  • Stability Analysis
  • Analysis of Uncertainty
  • Analysis of Accuracy and Linearity
  • Repeatability and Reproducibility Analysis
  • Analysis by Attributes
  • Practical exercises and interpretation of results


  • Our courses and instructors are registered with the STPS.
  • We deliver Evidence of Labor Skills (DC-3).