Electrical Measurements

Electrical Measurements


12 hours.


The participant will obtain knowledge, skills and competences to:

  • 1. Handle and use equipment properly, patterns (Standard).
  • 2. Correct use of all functions of the equipment.
  • 3. Train staff to protect equipment, personnel or product.

Addressed to

Leaders, Supervisors and Technicians of the areas: Metrology, Maintenance Quality, Manufacturing and Production of the Organization.


  • Introduction.
  • I. ISO Standard 17025
  • II. ISO Standard 10012, Uncertainty, Reliability
  • III. Electrical Measurements, Safety, Electrical Shock
  • IV. Introduction, Scales, Scale Reading.
  • Analog Multimeters, Connection Care
  • Digital Meters, Types, Operation Principle
  • Electric Transducer, Profit
  • Read deployment Ability
  • Interpretation of accuracy
  • V. Operating Manual FLUKE 5500A


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